Friday, August 01, 2008

What a rainy month July has been!

In June I was concerned that we would have another dry summer. We didn't get enough rain through April and May, and that was exactly how last year's severe drought started.

Well, what a difference a few weeks makes! The lawn is growing as fast and as lush as it should have done in the spring. At that time, it was so dry that the grass didn't need as much cutting as it usually does.

Mowing tends to slow down in mid-summer, but now we're cutting the grass every four days. That's never happened at this time of year before. The grass is thriving, but my tomato plants (all four of them, what's left of my veggie-growing career) appear to be sulking. The rest of the garden looks very happy, and, of course, the weed population is exploding, and that's keeping us busy.

Here is the Agriculture Canada rainfall map up to the end of July. We are now in the "high" precipitation zone, and for once I can say that we've had more than enough rain.

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  1. I finally picked my first tomatoes today.......its been a poor year for my veggie garden.



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