Monday, August 04, 2008

Today's garden critters

I don't often try to photograph insects. For flowers and garden shots, I tend to use a tripod, and so I'm rather tied to shooting with it - kind of like my security blanket.

But to get the butterflies, you need to shoot handheld. The trouble is that my longest zoom lens doesn't have image stabilization so camera shake is a problem. I suppose if I practiced more shooting handheld, I'd get better at it.

Yesterday, spurred on by Eve, who comments here faithfully, I gave it a shot and managed to capture these characters.

American painted lady

Monarch butterfly

Hummingbird moth - quite a challenge,
never in one place for more than a couple of seconds

In the evening, using my tripod again, I found this praying mantis,
(it's probably a katydid, see comments)

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. You did wonderfully Yvonne!! All the critters look great especially that hummingbird moth....very hard to get I know!! All the work that goes into our gardens really pays off doesn't it!!!

  2. you did a great job.......


  3. Hi Eve and Gill: Thanks!

  4. Yvonne-
    Let me pass along a tip that is easier to share than actually do when it comes to shooting fast moving insects. May photographers end up holding their breath when they trip the shutter. Instead, practice at letting out half your breath, then hold it just as you trip the shutter. You will find you are in a more relaxed state/position? when you are not holding in a full lung of air! Now, all that said, you seem to be able to get off some great snaps on these fast moving flying things.
    And finally, you sure that last picture is of a mantis? Looks like a katydid to me.
    Hope all is well way up there in the North country.

  5. Hi Rick: Thanks for the comment and helpful suggestions. You might well be right about the katydid. I'm not an expert on these guys - praying mantis was my best guess.

  6. Hi Yvonne

    I was attracted to your blog via Eve's one - she has you as a favourite. Your pictures are lovely and very sharp. I think I might have to get my tripod out as well. I'll be back to see some more great photography!

    Best wishes, Adrian

  7. Great job and nice flowers too!

  8. Praying mantis on the Asiatic lily, one of my favorite flowers. Lovely photos,


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