Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's amazing how fast they grow

Barn swallow babies that is. This season, the swallows that built their nest in the garage part of our barn decided to have a second family. It's amazing how much they've grown in just six days.

I predict that they will start flying lessons tomorrow.* I sure hope they have time to get competent and grow stronger before the rigors of the migration south.

Scrawny little things on August 18th

Our babies today:
sleek little birds ready to leave the nest

*Note from Aug. 25: As predicted, they were out flying today.

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. They look so grown up in the second picture...time to get out there and learn to eat those pesky bugs...a good trade off for allowing free rent!!
    Have a great day Yvonne!

  2. Hi Eve: This morning three of them were out of the nest sitting on the struts that hold the garage door. They're so big now the nest can't hold them all, so I was right about my prediction that today is their big day.


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