Friday, August 15, 2008

Bloomday highlights this month

Well, so much is in bloom now, it's hard to choose. A lot of DYCs (damned yellow composites), as garden writer Wayne Winterowd likes to call them.

Here are some highlights of what is the most colorful time of the year in our garden:

The usual suspects: Two rudbeckias, 'Goldsturm', and in the background, Rudbeckia nitida 'Herbstsonne' (Autumn sun)

The meadow in the early morning dominated by Ratibida pinnata

A Ratibida closeup is always irresistible

Russian sage with Joe Pye weed and grasses

Joe Pye weed with Echinacea

Echinacea with painted lady butterfly

White turtlehead growing wild in a naturalized area by the creek

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. Everything is just SO beautiful Yvonne!! I am jealous!! Just keep taking pictures!!

  2. Eve: it took ten years to get to this point. But truly the garden has never looked this good in August before - it's all the rain, which means the gardens are set off with emerald green lawn, not brown lawn. Thanks for your comments, and faithful visits to the blog.

    Cheers, Yvonne

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    HI Yvonne: I'm Scotty-Max, [my dog's name inclusive,?-1 huh!
    Seriously tho, I'm, were retired & live in N. TO, I discovered your web site near an month, in search, re fungus problems, from abundant torrential rains. Visited with 3 arborists, for help something like going to the dentist.
    We have an lovely garen, on an 50x200ft. plot, of 15++ yrs. vintage. Sometime, I'll post an few pictures.
    Meanwhile, the pictures, information, personal stories, are very much appreciated. Currently, an few very classic....I've save only for personal gaze-usage.
    You, all - brighten my early morning's, regardless if there is sun to-day.
    What is Ontario Rock, reference -group mentioned.
    So, long for now!
    Signed* Scotty-Max [Dalamation]

  4. Hi Scotty-Max: The Ontario Rock Garden Society has a website: for more information, see It's not a great site, but at least they have one. I'm glad the blog brightens your early mornings. Cheers, Yvonne


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