Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A co-operative subject

On Sunday morning I finally got very lucky with a butterfly. This Monarch was extremely co-operative and let me shoot 30 pictures of it. It chose good flowers with reasonable backgrounds that were accessible for me with my tripod, and stayed on them for a good long time.

I find with photography that the more you're out there, the better luck you have. Of course, that means the key to success isn't really luck at all. To use a sports analogy, the more shots on goal, the better your chance of scoring. In practice, this means getting up early, something I don't like to do, but with other camera club members coming frequently I have managed to get into an early rising routine. Unlike them, I don't have to drive here, so I can't really complain. It's getting to bed early that I can't seem to do, so I burn the candle at both ends until I finally have to sleep in for a few mornings.

Here's another favorite shot from Sunday, meadow blazing star (Liatris ligulistylis), a favorite butterfly flower. This is an image overlay done in the camera, combining a sharp exposure with a soft focus exposure.

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. What a magical summer this has been Yvonne! Such beautiful flowers and the butterflies have been abundant! Love the photos. I wish I had a photography club here although I wonder if I’d have the time!! I’m glad you forced yourself to get up early!! It’s a really beautiful time of day!

  2. yvonne, you are getting some really great results with your camera. I think your garden always look great...then I see these photos and they elevate your garden to "amazing" status. good work.

  3. Thank you, Irena, that's very kind! It's been a great garden season, thanks to plentiful moisture for a change. I've been in a good mood because of that, which in turn has inspired me to get out there to take lots of photos.


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