Friday, August 15, 2008

Trimmed boxwood hedge: the finished product

We have now have trimmed the boxwoods, edged the lawn around the four-square garden, and renewed the mulch. It looks fabulous, but I'm exhausted, as I was the one working on the edging and mulch. I had a little help from the boxwood-trimming team at the end with the mulching. They're worn out too.

Now it's all crisp and sharp-looking for Saturday's open garden for members of the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society. I shall wear my garden hat, and play lady of the manor. That reminds me: I once had a garden helper, my friend Elisabeth, who used to call us Lord and Lady C. Do you suppose our boxwood hedge elevates us into such grand circles?

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. Your garden looks so nice!

  2. Hello Yvonne

    Lovely pictures again. Boxwood hedges were a favourite part of formal gardens for the aristocracy in England in days gone by! I'd say you qualify. :-)

    Best wishes, Adrian

  3. Hi!
    You did a fantastic job on trimming your boxwood hedges it looks so fabulous!
    Wish I could trim mine so well!
    Best wishes from Germany

  4. Lady C...yes this is fit for a King! All your hard work has paid off. This is just beautiful!!

  5. Thanks all. I'm lucky to be able to have the pros in to do this crucial job. Cheers, Yvonne

  6. I am just so impressed by the beauty and wonder of your landscape. If my wife and I ever get up North in your area I would love to tour your gardens. They are fabulous.

  7. Thanks, Rick, that's very kind of you. This year it all looks especially good because we had a lot of rain.


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