Thursday, September 06, 2007

More of the same: hot and dry continues

It may be September, but the hot, record dry summer continues. It's going to be around 31 degrees C today and tomorrow (that's almost 88 degrees F). We had only one good rain in August (it was the one good rain of the ENTIRE summer). And fall forecasts predict continued dryness.

According to the Toronto Star, Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips is predicting a less than colorful fall leaf display because lack of rain has put many trees in distress. This means that many leaves just turn brown and fall earlier. Those that turn will offer a less than spectacular display of seasonal color.

Rats: fall is my favorite season, and it now looks like the gardening summer from hell just won't let go. The Agriculture Canada drought map above tells the continuing story.

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  1. I commiserate with you on the summer from heck. Though not near as dry as your summer, my gardens have suffered from not having near the amount of water they would have liked. I already see leaves just turning brown on our trees and dropping. Dang. I love fall also, I hope we get a bit of the wonderful color...


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