Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rain at last - we're cheering

View from patio on our back hill - note brown lawn in background

As many others were contending with record rainfall and flooding, we stayed dry. But today, we finally got a decent rain: 2/10ths of an inch overnight, plus 8/10ths this morning. And as I post this in the early afternoon, it's raining again!

In my neighborhood, we're all thrilled after a gardening season that turned dry in mid-May and stayed parched through the entire summer. As my neighbor Rose put it in her email to me just now: NICE RAIN, SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!

PS: Total rainfall from Thursday to today, 1 and 8/10ths of an inch (most of it today). This is most rain we've had in a week since April. Even the creek is flowing again.


  1. We got excited over some rainfall recently as well. It seems our part of Ontario has missed out on the rain this year.

  2. We are delighted: the lawn is greening up already, and the entire garden looks refreshed.

  3. The weather here in the UK has been pretty much the reverse of yours - April was hot and sunny like high summer, it's rained almost non-stop since and last weekend (the Summer Bank Holiday - traditionally a wash out) was glorious!.
    What's going on?!!! Total confusion for gardeners.


  4. I'm glad you got some rain too!

  5. Thanks, Phillip. It's been almost a week. Let's hope we get some more soon. Cheers, Yvonne

  6. Well! I'm happy to read this. No more watering your plants with that fire hose!

    We had a similar phenomenon a couple of weeks ago--while we were on vacation. We probably had four inches--IN ONE WEEK. This, after only 2/10 of an inch all the rest of the summer.

    At least the lawn is now green and growing, although there are definitely areas that will need re-seeding in a couple or three weeks.

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  7. Thanks, Robin. I'm glad you got some rain too. Cheers, Yvonne

  8. I'm so glad you got rain! wish we could send you some of ours -- we are the ones who are contending with record rainfall in Austin, Texas. It looks lovely in your photo, and shames me into appreciating ours a little more! I wrote about it in my blog tonight at I hope you'll come visit and maybe add me to your links!


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