Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is it raining? Or am I dreaming?

We got almost half an inch of rain today (4/10ths of an inch). Earlier on, the forecast predicted lots more rain tonight coming with thunderstorms. Whether these materialize or not remains to be seen. At the moment - late afternoon - it looks like the potential for overnight showers might already have evaporated.

We weren't as lucky as London, Ontario, where my parents live. They had an inch-and-a-half today. What I wouldn't give to get that kind of rain! At any rate, the landscape is so dry now that any rain at all is a blessing.

The view from the front porch during the shower


  1. It is supposed to be raining here in my part of Ontario, but there are only a few drops falling down. Oh how I wish it would just pour down as everything is so dry. Looks like most of the rain is over Lake Ontario or heading into the States. Oh well ... another day perhaps???

  2. Thanks Crafty Gardener for the commiseration. When will this drought break? It's so sad to look at the landscape. I'm now seeing forest trees with browning leaves.

  3. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, then? I was about to do a happy dance. Ah, well, I'll continue praying for rain, not only for Canada, but for Uppsala. The hot weather makes our flat impossible to stay in, and I'm losing a fortune blogging at cafés instead (not to mention the feeling of living the big cliché of the times).

  4. Just checked the soil moisture in one of the garden areas I water regularly. Two inches down the soil is dry.

    Blogging in a café: now that sounds like fun.


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