Friday, August 03, 2007

Big skies and cool clouds

One of the things that really impressed us when we moved from the city to the country was the big sky. Sure, it's nothing like the big skies of the prairies, but it can be impressive nonetheless.

Usually when I see neat clouds, I'm out on a dog walk and don't have my camera handy or the cloud is gone by the time I get to the camera. But today I was lucky: this was the view from the front porch late this afternoon. To me, it looks like a big steer's - or should I say - bull's head in the sky - a pretty cool cloud for a scorching hot day.


  1. Wow ! coming from England I would say that was an Aberdeen Angus bull! I have found so many bloggers who enjoy dog walking or have doggy helpers and assistants in their garden!

  2. Yes, too right, thats a great picture. Bob.

  3. I just popped over from UKBob's, Great photo soon as I was loading your site I could see the Steers head cloud formation. ill be back to see and read more.

  4. What a great photo! Bravo to you. How do you put your copyright on the photo as shown? Great job. Love your blog.

  5. Hi Leigh: I put the copyright notice on directly with Photoshop Lightroom, which is the image processing program I use these days. You can also use a text layer in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, if you have either of those programs. If you have another imaging program, search the help menu on the topic. There should be a way. Hope that helps. Cheers, Yvonne


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