Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toby's water fountain

A while back I wrote about the black slate fountain that my husband created. Since it's been running we've been amused to see that our dog Toby has decided that it's his own personal water fountain.


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Is it a Lab trait to drink from what they're not supposed to? Our Lab becomes a nuisance everytime we water. Until we allow him to drink from the hose,or the watering can, as the water is flowing from the spout, he pesters for a drink. Maybe it's the flowing water that attracts them? So far we've managed to keep him (but not our cat) out of the water garden. Great water feature by the way!

  2. Is it a Lab trait to drink from what they're not supposed to?Who knows?

    Who knows? But I have noticed that my dogs, both mixed breeds (I actually just have one, but I get my neighbor's dog every day to join us for a walk), are really attracted to running water, and they will drink out of all of our water features. There are two fountains, and one pond in a pot with a pump that keeps the water moving. Luckily, they have cast iron stomachs and drinking the water doesn't appear to harm them at all.


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