Friday, August 17, 2007

Lack of acknowledgement of the drought

Precipitation Compared to Historical Distribution (Ontario Region)
Map: Agriculture Canada (See key below)

Featured comment: T Gordon said...

Finally! The drought has made the evening news. Only because it is the worst drought since 1959, so worth reporting. I feel some validation. All summer I have been frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement of the drought. Several times I have mentioned the drought only to have people say, "Oh really?" If it were not for your blog, I might have thought I was imagining it. It helped greatly to have it. Thanks!
I wrote about this very thing in an earlier post: I guess it's just a reflection of how uninvolved most people are with growing things.

Partial Key to Drought Map
Red = Record Dry
Brown = Extremely Low
Orange = Very Low
Yellow = Low


  1. I'm not on either end of the extremes of the climate change debate, but it is interesting to see NASA's latest pictures of the sun. There are no sun spots currently, and and sun is in the least active part of its 11 year cycle. Can't you just wait till it starts heating up again!?!

  2. Hm, here in Sweden newspapers are monitoring the abnormality of the summer every other day. (We've had a warmer summer than usual.) Climatal change is top news over here. I do suspect we've reached the 'cry wolf' level.

    On the other hand. Ordinary gardening radio programs are speculating in what climate we will have in a few years, trying to give advice on what plants to grow. Not based on the black headline press, but on the past decades of changing conditions percieved by gardeners. Tabloid press is one thing, this is more scary.

  3. DC mentions the drought, or at least the need for rain on most news programs. But then, Virginia is talking about drought relief monies for some of its farmers. And we aren't anywhere near as bad off as you are.


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