Monday, August 20, 2007

Monsoon season? Everywhere but here

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I don't live by gardening alone, and so I follow quite a few blogs that have nothing to do with gardening. My favorite is The Online Photographer by Mike Johnston, who writes beautifully on photography and many other topics. Anyway, today he reports:

On the home front, here in Wisconsin it's monsoon season. We don't actually have a monsoon season, or at least not usually, but that hasn't stopped it from raining for three days straight...
Then my friend Sandy from Michigan emailed the following:
It's still dark and misty outside but I think the bulk of the rain is over for now. There were 4.25 inches in the gauge at 4:30. However, there is rain in the forecast for Tuesday as well as 90 degree temperatures by midweek. We were concerned because the sump pump has not engaged even once since the rain started. After checking, we found that the sump crock is still nearly dry! Weather report says the rain is related to the tropical storm (Erin) so maybe there's hope that you'll get a few inches as well.
What I wouldn't give for such a rain! Come on you folks south of the border: Why are you hogging all the rain? Send some up here.

Actually, there was some rain in southern Ontario today around the London area, but it didn't reach up this way. Tomorrow looks to be more of the same: a trace is forecast, but many inches are needed. The map above shows just how little rain there has been over the past 30 days.

So far in August we've had barely half an inch, and that fell within the first week. Since then: nothing.


  1. We are not getting any rain here either!! There was hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and usually they are good for a few inches, but it veared off and hit Mexico, leaving Florida dry:o) So, we are crunchy and on a watering schedule, the grass is brown and the flowers are not happy!! Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. Hi Kim: That's interesting. I thought you would be getting lots of rain. Well, that's my wish for both of us.

    Cheers, Yvonne

  3. I feel you - up until 2 days ago we were in a prolonged drough too - but have had pretty decent rains now for 48 hours - maybe gets us back a but closer to "normal" - drought just sucks the life out of the garden AND the gardener.
    Hoping you all get some ofthis rain too - from a friend in Wash DC.

  4. Thanks, Washington-gardener. Messages like yours brighten my spirits. I've been feeling quite down today, and you've put that feeling into words very nicely: Drought just sucks the life out of the garden AND the gardener. That's so true!


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