Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not welcome news: prolonged heat wave

If I can say anything good about this record dry summer, it's that the heat and humidity we usually get have mostly stayed away. The nights have been great for sleeping and we didn't have to use the air conditioner very often.

But that has now changed. We're into a heat wave that looks like it will last for at least a week. Hot, hot, hot - just what we needed on top of this endless drought! I may well start whining again, but this weather isn't unexpected. The last week of July and the first week of August are traditionally the hottest of the summer across Canada.

To my sister and my friend with the pool, you're going to see a bit more of me. (Or a bit less: since February, I've lost 15 pounds.) To tell the truth: I've had it with summer. Fall and winter just can't come soon enough for me now.


  1. hi yvonne. here i am reading your blog with my laptop literally stuck to my lap from the heat and sweat. Like you, I've really enjoyed this summer except for all the extra work of dragging the hose around. just the other day the first of the helenium bloomed with their golden petals and brown centres. that colour combo made me long for fall. oh well, it will be here soon enough and soon enough I'll be longing for summer again.

  2. Hi Owen and Irena: This week - and the coming week of heat - will really make me pine for fall.

    I remember one hot summer's evening, watching one of those British mysteries on TV where everybody's stomping around on the Cornwall Coast wearing heavy woolen sweaters. Boy, did I long to be there instead of in the sweltering heat of southern Ontario.

    Here's to fall. Cheers, Yvonne


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