Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unbearably hot, but we got a bit of rain

It was bloody hot yesterday, about as hot as it gets here on the worst days in mid-summer, about 90 degrees F. But with the humidity, it felt a lot hotter: just what our trees needed in the face of the long drought of 2007, which still ongoing.

We have many patches of dead lawn now, and we can only guess how much permanent damage there will be to our trees. One bright spot: a thunderstorm last night brought 4/10ths of an inch of rain, and the cold front promises to cool things down a bit beginning today and tomorrow.

Temperatures for the next week will still be above seasonal norms. I long for sweater weather.


  1. Sweater weather has arrived to Sweden, which means my clothing shopping for my boy are horribly out of synch. My plants are doing well, though... Glad you at least have some rain.

  2. I long for sweater weather here in Texas too. We had a loooong lovely spring for this area, then a normal HOT summer, but it's lingering too long. Plus we need rain too. Ironic since we were flooding back in the spring. I had a fabulous garden this year though. Lots of canning, drying and freezing activity at our homestead!
    Hope you've gotten a cool down by now. I heard a rumor that we had cool air coming from your direction. :)


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