Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring's late - first crocus showed up yesterday

Crocus in bloom on this day a year ago

I've never been one to keep a garden diary in book form, but the great thing about blogging and digital photo metadata is that you have a pretty good record of what's blooming when from year to year.

The picture of the crocuses above was taken a year ago today. Yesterday's four little crocuses growing through old verbascum leaves sure didn't look anything as nice as the crocus patch above. And this evening, it's snowing...again.

Interestingly, last year, we had snow on April 8th (it was Easter weekend). Of course, it didn't last long. From the looks of things, I won't be surprised if we get a bit of snow again this April.

Last year's Easter weekend snow

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  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Hello, Nice flowers! Actually it's the first time to see them for me here in Korea. I had to look the word 'cocus' up in the dictionary. It said that's the first blooming flower in England. Anyway it looks so cute and beautiful, and I love the colors of it. Thanks for the photo. Have a nice day! (Will visit again 6_6)

  2. Anonymous12:58 AM

    There was a typo. Not cocus, crocus.

  3. I couln't find my last years "birding" journal (I just have to look a little harder) but when I looked in the 2006 journal I noted that on this date I had tadpoles in my pond!!! Today it still has ice covering it!!

    Oh Yvonne...I do have American Woodcocks peenting out back...that lifts my spirits a bit!

    Cheers...we're going to need it!!!


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