Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mud season here. On deck: Spring

Our creek floods its banks again

Winter's retreat is long and ugly: we have officially entered mud season.

This is my least favorite time of the year, but it's the last hurtle to get over so we can at last enjoy some spring weather.

Most of the snow melted as temperatures are finally went up a bit yesterday and today. Overnight we had rain, which together with the melt run-off brought the inevitable day of flooding. Fortunately, it was very windy, which should help things dry up.

What we really need is some sunshine. Maybe tomorrow...

High water under the crumbling bridge at the road

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. Hi Yvonne!
    It's fun that we get the same weather. I took some pictures today of my back "40", a wild river runs through it right now too! It'll be a lot bigger tomorrow I'm sure. I was worried I might lose my little Daisy Lu in the current but she's part Jack Russell and too smart to get washed away!!
    Cheers to Spring!! We can't get to summer if we don't put up with the mud!

  2. Hi! I found your blog in a jump from Ewa in the Garden. I live on an acreage near Saskatoon and this year we are not getting flooded. So that could mean a dry summer which is a bigger problem for a gardener. Looking forward to reading your blog from time to time. http://aprairiejournal.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Clayton: Thanks for your comments. Don't I know about dry summers: it was all I could blog about last summer when we had the worst drought in almost 50 years.

    Let's hope this season is better for us all.

  4. hi yvonne. I'm so happy to see the muck and mini-floods. my in-laws' pond which dried out completely last summer is overflowing and has almost entirely washed out a walking path. a good wet start to the garden season is encouraging. walking around in my rain boots makes me feel like Prince Charles. With all the sunny days we're getting, the worst of mud season should be over soon.


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