Monday, September 15, 2008

It really should stop raining now

We are in the "Very High" region between London and Toronto
Click on map to see it bigger

Here's the Ontario precipitation map up to Sept. 13. What a contrast to last year's drought from hell! We're wet and soggy again, and it's been like that for weeks.

It rained on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, about two inches worth, including Hurricane Ike leftovers. On Thursday, before all the rain started, we laid some sod to patch up an area near the laneway where the grass has died in last summer's drought. We were happy not to have to water the sod for the last four days.

There's a lot of lawn on our 10 acres, and I seem to be spending all my gardening time mowing. Although the grass was very high today, the ground was too soft and wet for the ride-on mower, so I'll try tomorrow. I'm relieved that we didn't get as much rain as my friend in Michigan. She reports eight inches over the weekend, and says she doesn't ever remember so much rain in such a short period of time. Before the recent rain, her part of Michigan near Lansing was in a drought.

From drought to record rainfall - what a difference!

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  1. two inches? We got about a foot a day over the weekend, and our village wasn't even in the top hundred for rainfall! We had a typhoon that left, but even yesterday, parts of Taiwan got 22 inches of rain in 24 hours. Two inches sounds nice and dry!! ha.

  2. Did you get hit with Ike Yvonne? I was in Maine when it hit here and many trees were down and power out for many (my house included). No damage for us tho and I still enjoyed my vacation without worry.
    After doing so much work around the house my husband finally got to mow that lawn and WOW usually we don't have to sweep the yard this time of year. The grass is as fast growing and deep as it is in May!!

  3. Ike only brought half an inch and a bit of wind, nothing like the power outage you experienced.


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