Monday, September 08, 2008

A few days off in Michigan

Over the weekend I drove to Michigan to visit my hort buddy, Sandy, who lives near Lansing. At the border they always ask where you're going, and when I say to visit a friend, the next question is: "How do you know her?"

Well, here's the story: we met 11 years ago on a Horticultural magazine tour of gardens in the Pacific Northwest. We bonded because we both enjoy wine with dinner, and it's always nice to find someone to share a carafe of sauvignon blanc or cabernet merlot, when many of the rest are drinking coke (yuck!) or water. After the trip, we kept in touch via email. When we discovered that it's only a four-hour drive to each other's homes, we began regular visits across the border.

These pictures are from her country garden. I really liked her white and blue bed (picture at the top), backed by Annabelle and Limelight hydrangeas, and blue and white petunias with alyssum.

Sandy's solution to racoons destroying birdbaths by climbing on them and smashing them is to set large clay saucers (found at Ikea) on a solid foundation of bricks. It works and makes a nice garden focal point. Love that golden yucca - it just glows.

The very charming entrance to Sandy's herb and vegetable garden, fenced off with chicken wire to keep critters out.

Flowers from the garden: I just love Sandy's gorgeous arrangements. (I'm generally too lazy to go out and cut flowers.)

Thanks, Sandy, for hosting me and taking me shopping. (As most Canadians know, the shopping in the US is so much better.)

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. What a wonderful trip Yvonne! Sandy's gardens look very welcoming! And wine with dinner...that's my kind of fun!

  2. Yes, country gardens come in all different colours and styles - and they're all lovely. Great for you to have a good friend with whom to enjoy not "just" garden talk, but also some good food and wine - all the most important things in life.

  3. beautiful photo's. We're heading south for a couple of weeks on the weekend, and I guess I can be persuaded to do a little shopping while we're down there.....LOL



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