Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mama and babies - Time for a move

We've had a bit of a love affair with succulent plants. This variegated Agave americana collection began with a single plant, the biggest one in pot on the ground. It was much smaller when I bought it six or so years ago. Since then it has had many offsets, and my dear husband keeps propagating them.

These plants, and other non-hardy succulents look great in our front courtyard all summer, and they're easy to care for because they don't need much watering.

However, it's getting cold - last night it was only 5 degrees C (41F) - and today we must move them into the greenhouse, where they'll spend the next six weeks or so before we move them to the basement (because we don't heat the greenhouse in the winter). Once inside, they overwinter under a big mercury vapor light.

I'm lucky that my husband doesn't mind looking after them. I take care of so many plants in the summer that I don't even want to look at them in the winter.

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. The Agaves all look gorgeous. As if all the rain didn't bother them. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Ha Ha! Well it is wonderful that he loves them...they are a beautiful family!!


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