Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall garden pictures and more

I was away last weekend in Killarney, not far from Sudbury, where I joined a fun group of people for a photo workshop, and had a lovely time. The pictures here were taken at Killarney Mountain Lodge.

Since then, I've had a kind of writer's, or should I say blogger's block, and so I haven't posted. Figured I'd better start again, and break this dry spell with some pictures from the fall garden. We've had a dry spell too in terms of rain, but the soil is still moist on most of the property, except on our south-facing hill, (below).

Fountain grass comes into its own at this time of year

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener

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  1. I bet you had a good time Yvonne! I know that blogger's block syndrome. It happens. I wish I could grow fountain grass here. It just won't come back for me. The color there is beautiful, I see the sedum behind the fountain grass. Mine is the best color it's ever had...but they all fell over so there's a big hole in the center! I was going to tie them up but the big HUGE garden spiders living there changed my mind!!


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