Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cool and wet: Can this really be on the way???

I have been known to complain (bitterly) about the lack of rain. This has been my main beef about the summers we've experienced recently.

So here's an update: On Sunday night we had 3/10ths of an inch, followed by 4/10th on Monday: almost an inch of rain. The entire landscape breathed a sigh of relief. Happily too, the intense humidity has left us for a few days as well, though it will be back over the weekend.

But after that, could something very odd be happening? I know you can never trust 14-day forecasts, but doesn't this outlook from the Weather Network look exceedingly strange? Cool and wet, hmmm, could it be a cooling period starting? Or did a summer intern screw up and hit the rain button too often?

U.S. readers: Up here in Canada 30 degrees is hot.
Note: temperatures are in
degrees Celsius

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  1. Hi Yvonne,
    I'm glad you got the rain! We were in that big tonardo watch yesterday and some towns around here got hammered! The town my daughter is doing her last PA rotation in was declared a state of emergency! She wasn't in any danger thank goodness. This just goes to show how unprecdictable the weather and climate can be. One minute it's "warming" then it's "cooling"! You just can't stake a claim!!! ;-)

  2. Hi Eve: The weather south of the border has truly been scary of late. I hope it settles down soon.
    Best, Y


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