Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happiness is enough rain

We've been getting regular rains for a couple of weeks now. Overnight and into the morning, we had our best rain yet: a little over an inch. Even if it gets dry now, this should see us through several weeks: the cisterns are full.

It's a good time to weed: even the walnut seedlings - which are popping up everywhere - pull out fairly easily with a good two-handed tug.

The garden looks good - thankfully all is lush and green again after the dry spring - but there isn't much color because we're in that in-between stage when the spring flowers and the peonies are over, and everything else is on deck. The lavender isn't quite in bloom and neither is all the mid-summer stuff I love - echinaceas, rudbeckias, eupatorium, etc.

Oh, well, the visitors at Tuesday's Open Garden will have to be contented with structure and scale. John's rock garden still has some color, but it's just past its prime now.

Soon I might be able to relax about gardening for a bit. Just a few more things to do: cut the lawn with the clippings collector on the mower (I normally keep the clippings on, but it's grown lush with the rains), then weed and mulch on Monday with my helpers.

I even went to the garden center today and got a few plants to fill gaps. I seem to do that before every garden tour.

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  1. I would be out of my mind with too many things running through my head of last minute details to take care of Yvonne! I hope you're not as OCD as I am when it comes to this kind of thing! Wow it the show tomrrow??? OH MY!!! This summer is going too fast! Good luck, I'll be looking at the weather, I hope all goes perfect!

    OH the rainbow is beautiful! We had a full double rainbow last evening! I couldnt fit the whole thin in one shot!!!

  2. Thanks, Eve. The rainbow was really special, but hard to photograph.


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