Monday, June 09, 2008

Six men, three big trucks, two small trucks

Waiting for the new transformer box

That's what it took to get our place humming with power again. Last evening, we had dinner with my in-laws (it was my mother-in-law's 80th birthday). During dinner there was a thunderstorm with rain (a cause of great joy), but when we came home, our power was out.

We went to bed without calling Hydro because it looked like the neighbor's power was out too, so we assumed they had called. Usually, if it goes out, the power is off for just a couple of hours, but this time, we still didn't have power in the morning. I called Hydro, and when they showed up a couple of hours later, they discovered that our transformer was fried: probably a lighting hit last evening.

Lifting the new transformer into place

So they came back a couple of hours later with a small army to replace the green transformer box - free of charge! (I remember what it cost when we put it in 10 years ago, replacing an ugly transformer on a pole and burying our line to the road.)

Now our place is humming again. What did I miss most? Not air conditioning, but the Internet. I can't live without my computer and the web.

After all that, the amount of rain we got was small: only a 4/10ths of an inch, but better than nothing. Today was a scorcher of a day, and so far a number of the thunderstorms have passed us by.

Over the weekend, my friend in Michigan reported more than 2 inches of rain on Friday, and 2.5 inches on Saturday. There's no justice: many states are getting too much rain, even flooding, and even northern Ontario is getting more rain than needed, and we're still high and dry. So it goes.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your lack of rainfall in Ontario. I would gladly send you some of ours if I could. We are drowning down here in Southwest Missouri.
    I like you would have missed the internet. The wife however would miss the sound of her fan while she slept.
    And so it goes...

  2. Rick: Thanks for your comment and your sympathy. I'm so sorry that you're drowning in too much rain. Let's hope it moderates soon and gives us all what we need. Good luck. Cheers, Yvonne

  3. This is one place where it would be nice if mother nature could "spread the wealth"!!!
    Glad you got you power back, Yvonne! We had a boomber last night but very little rain as well.

  4. I live out in the country too (in Oklahoma,) and we've had our transformer replaced twice in the 18 years I've lived here.

    It's an interesting process. Glad you got the power back on.~~Dee


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