Sunday, June 15, 2008

A wheelbarrow load of peonies

Our row of 'Angel Cheeks' peonies

Yesterday I noticed that many of the peonies behind the rock garden were hanging near the ground, weighed down by the thunderstorm rain from the night before. I guess I'll have to stake them next spring. Until now, they have managed quite well without needing to be propped up.

When we decided to plant a row of peonies several years ago, we ordered them bare root from a local grower in the fall. True to form, it's taken them three years to get big enough to produce armloads of flowers.

This cultivar, Angel Cheeks, has very strong, thick stems, but weighed down with the rain, a lot of flowers needed picking. When I started cutting them, there were so many that I needed a wheelbarrow to get them to the house.

Posed at the barn before going inside

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. They make a beautiful bouquet!

  2. These peonies are just beautiful Yvonne! I have some that too at least 6 years to bloom! Last year I had two flowers on two plants, this year, finally they are LOADED!!! They look much like these you have pictured! Sadly we mine are not weighed down by rain!!


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