Thursday, July 09, 2009

Oh summer, will you make an appearance soon?

Since we moved here 11 years ago, our summers have been dominated by drought. Indeed, the worst drought in 50 years plagued gardeners and farmers throughout 2007. So it feels really odd to be experiencing the second wet summer in row - at least so far.

According to the local paper, we had 30 percent more rain than normal in June and temperatures have been an average 1.5 degrees cooler than normal. So far, we've had only one day that was hotter than 30 C (86 F), and no smog days.

All of this means that garden and crop plants are about two weeks behind when they would normally bloom or ripen. Our serviceberries are usually ripe on the shrubs in late June, but this year I was picking them in July. The cool weather and excess rain affected local strawberries, which weren't very sweet or plentiful. In our garden, the time I've been saving on watering is spent mowing because the grass never stops growing, and needs cutting every four or five days.

All in all, I'm happy to take this over a hot, humid, dry summer, but I wouldn't mind a bit of warmth. It was so cool the other day that I changed into my winter uniform: a black turtleneck sweater and jeans. But I'm not complaining, except about the strawberries.

(The link for Agriculture Canada precipitation map is here.)

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  1. I guess that you are in the tiny dark blue dot on the map? Extremely high precipitation. We are in the light green tiny spot at Lake Erie, West of Fort Erie: Mid range precipitation. So close to each other, yet a huge difference. The temperatures have been about the same, I think, and just right for working outside. Tomorrow is going to be hot (if you can trust the forecast) Thanks for sharing the map, very interesting.

  2. Yes, we are near that dark blue dot. Can't stop mowing!

  3. Let's hope you get an extended summer if it ever does arrive Yvonne. At least some warm sunny days before the snow flies.


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