Thursday, July 05, 2007

Drought watch: July catching up to June

Could the drought pattern be breaking? Already in July, we've had almost as much rain we got in June. (Mind you, what we got in June was almost nothing.) Yesterday, a steady, soft rain in the morning netted 4/10ths of an inch, and this morning we had a similar kind of rain that brought 2/10ths.

With today's hot and muggy weather, there might even be more later if a thunderstorm actually makes it to us. One small storm cell passed frustratingly close at noon: close, but no cigar.

This adds up to just over half an inch for July, and the month has only just begun. Considering that the total for June was about 7/10ths of an inch, things must be looking up. Right?

I sure hope so. All this hose wrangling and buying of water has got me down.


  1. I was so relieved to see the rain. I felt a few drops tonight too and had my fingers crossed but I think we might be done for a while here in Toronto. Your new water features are fabulous.

  2. We had have some rain on and off for the past couple of days ... not sure if it is enough though. The ground is very dry, the grass isn't growing, and I'm constantly watering the pots and tubs and gardens.
    I love your water features ... such wonderful additions to your garden.

  3. Thanks, Crafty Gardener and Owin and Irena for your kind comments on the water features. A lot of thought and time went into them, and it's nice finally to see them working.

    Cheers, Yvonne

    PS: Let's all do a rain dance. What a difficult summer this is turning out to be!


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