Monday, June 11, 2007

Dry, dry, rain in the forecast

Yep, we've got drought stress. We're almost into the middle of the month, and the only rain we had so far - a thunderstorm last Friday with winds so intense that a neighbor's weeping willows have major limbs ripped off - was a measly 3/10ths of an inch. (We were lucky with our willow: the arborists thinned it out that very morning, so only smaller branches came down.)

This dry June follows a parched spring that lasted from the latter half of April all the way through May.

I ordered my first truckload of water today after watering so much that I drained the cistern down to the last foot of rain water. The next couple of days will be spent watering all the plants that are in the driest spots.

At least, I feel I'm doing something for the plants and garden. Anyway, I'm not in despair yet, but if it stays this dry all summer I'll be questioning why I bother gardening at all - again. Without rain, there seems to be little point to all this effort.

Anyway, why worry?


  1. Wow...a water truck. And here I am getting all bothered about dragging out the hose and sprinkler. A few years back, we had the perfect summer. It rained every few days but only overnight. The days were gloriously sunny. I often find myself longing for that summer. Here's hoping for a repeat for the sake of all gardeners.

  2. Yes, a water truck...and I still have to spend my mornings and evening dragging hoses and sprinklers around. Maybe we should sink some money into an irrigation system around the house at least. Country homes and gardens: be warned, they are money pits.


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