Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not a drop: June is determined to be driest ever

So that big cold front, the one that prompted severe thunderstorm watches all yesterday afternoon, what did it yield? Nothing, not a drop!

Zero POP in the forecast for the next three days, so this will remain the June in which we got less than an inch of rain.

And at the door, the hot, dry months of July and August. Yikes. I'm not liking this summer at all. I'm already counting the days to September, and sweet relief.


  1. crazy, it's been raining nonstop in thunder bay for the past two weeks

  2. ...and in Texas and the lower mid-West of the States. Why then can't we have some. I'm soooo frustrated!

  3. I wish I could lend you some rain from Europe - we got quite a lot in some areas.

  4. Hello Yvonne,
    Whenever I fantasize about a larger canvas for a garden I remind myself how hard it is to stay on top of gardening tasks even in my city garden. This drought is getting us down (I think we're in that brown zone too). We worry for our century old sugar maples.

  5. Shannon, you're so right. I remember a summer in my city garden when I complained bitterly about having to haul hoses around for months. To me now that would be a piece of cake. Worrying about all my trees is definitely keeping me awake at night.

    And thanks, Rosengeranium, it's really too bad we can't send each other excess rain.


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