Saturday, July 14, 2007

A little rain again

Today's rain was just 2/10ths of an inch. But maybe things will start looking up: at least there are some more showers in the forecast for the coming week.
Here's a recent picture of the four-square garden, which I've been watering faithfully. The lavender is in bloom and its scent is divine. But you can see how dry it is in the tree farm field behind my garden.

I haven't done a post on it yet, but the wonderful limestone sundial base in the picture was actually carved from three blocks of stone by my husband, John. It took him a couple of carving workshops (one in England and one in Vermont) and two years to complete. It is utterly wonderful. I'll write more about it soon.


  1. Your four-square garden is absolutely lovely, as is the sundial!

  2. I am going to stop reading garden blogs. Your four square garden is a perfect example of what I want mine to look like. I need to work on my garden envy issues.


    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  3. Thanks! It's my most labor-intensive garden area, and not as natural and meadow-like as my other beds. It began as vegetable garden with wood chip paths and a "hedge" of annual fountain grass. Over the years, as we could afford it, we added the perennials, then the paths, and finally the boxwood. The formal clipping of the boxwood was first done last year. A garden like this takes time!


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