Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs of Spring Part 2: flooding

Here's what it looked like as the creek at the front corner of our property over-ran its banks today. We always get flooding after heavy spring rains. The reason: the golf course ponds are high to save water for the summer, so there's bottleneck. And before the water even gets to the golf course, there is a too-small culvert at the tree farm road where the creek runs. Fortunately, the worst flooding is on their property, not ours.

Between tree farm and golf course, we're caught in the middle, but we haven't had any really serious problems. The flooding usually resolves in a day or two. But you never know what would happen if we had days and days of rain.

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  1. We've gotten lots of rain too. Fortunately, we don't live along the lowlands; there's a creek just down the road that overflows quite often at this time of year. I think I'd enjoy living close to a golf course, perhaps it'd help my game. ;~)

    Stay dry!

  2. It really IS MUD SEASON, isn't it? With some frost still in the ground and heavy clay we go through a lot of "Mud Season" every spring.

  3. good luck with that Yvonne. We didnt get too much with flooding but over on the lake that wicked wind pushed all the ice right into peoples yards, some piles house high. I'm going to try to get over and take pictures today if I can.


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