Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blooming merrily in the cooler temperatures

My mandevilla vine, planted on trellis at the patio is still blooming beautifully. No hard frost here yet.

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  1. That is just lovely, such a beautiful color combo Yvonne!
    Cheers and have a great time at your workshop!!!

  2. Hi Yvonne .. that blue obelisk is perfect for showing off that gorgeous pink flower ! We haven't had any frost in our area (Kingston) yet .. so there are a few plants in pots blooming here too. My husband wants to save our passion flower vine .. but we don't have a garage to over winter it .. I don't have much hope for it against the house but he does (I told him I would buy him a new one next year .. you know men ? ) LOL

  3. So beautiful! Did you make the trellis? It is delightful!

  4. Love that blue trellis/obelisk! Buying a mandevilla vine is on my wish list come next Spring. Never grown one before but recently saw several being grown in Pa. and I just have to have one. Do they climb on their own or do you kind of have to coach it along? Do they have tendicles that attach itself to the trellis/obelisk, like a trumpet vine?

    Do you save the seed pods and start new plants? My garage is not heated so I don't know if I would be able to keep it from year to year and don't have the space or probably not the light for it to grow inside.

  5. They climb on their own, twinging on the support. Generally, I don't keep this plant going indoors in the winter (although you could) and I don't propagate it from seed (I think it would take too long to get blooms). I just buy one at the garden center in the spring.


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