Friday, July 25, 2008

Scenes from our meadow

The meadow on our property is my favorite site for garden photography right now.

By nature I'm a night-hawk, not an early riser, but it's rewarding to get up at 6 in the morning and go out with the camera to capture the wildflowers.

I need to get up early because some time between 7:30 and 8am it gets too breezy to photograph. When the flowers start dancing, I go in for breakfast.

These pictures are from this morning and early yesterday. The dominant prairie plants in flower at the moment are the greyheaded coneflower (Ratibida pinnata), Echinaceas (E. purpurea, and E. pallida, the latter just past its prime), wild bergamot or beebalm (Monarda fistulosa) and prairie blazing star (Liatris pycnostachya), above right, with Ratibida.

Prairie ballerinas: grey-headed coneflowers (Ratibida pinnata)

Purple coneflowers with bergamot

For more on our meadow and how we got it established from seed in 2000, visit this page on my website.

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    What beautiful photos. You must have a gorgeous meadow. Some of the upper photos remind me of some liriope I just planted. They too have beautiful purple blooms.

  2. Morning Yvonne!
    I really need to think about doing this. My favorite is that Ratibida I looked it up and it should work for me here. Now's the time to plan and thank you for your information.
    Have a beautiful morning!


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