Sunday, February 17, 2008

Those annoying, people-hating enviro types

Are you getting a bit tired of being hammered over the head about the sins of mankind? There's great rant over at Rambles at
"...the sins of mankind stain every corner of the globe. But you don't have to follow the logic very far to see that the only possible solution consistent with this naturalistic world view is a horrific depopulation and a return to a primitive agrarian lifestyle among the privileged few that remain. It's a grim prospect, unlikely to inspire anyone but the clear-eyed believers and those rich enough to afford their own guilt. The trouble is, of course, that any movement that marginalizes people must necessarily marginalize itself. Depression does not inspire.
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  1. Yes, Yvonne I AM getting tired of these sorts of bludgeoning, sanctimonious 'greenies'. I'd read this post and Robertson's essay, earlier this weekend after Garden Rant pointed it out via Kathy J....I figure that we catch more flies with honey than with crap, and so I don't preach at people. I don't listen when I'm preached at, so why would I expect others to listen if I carp on and on about growing organically. I think writers like you, and Nan Ondra, and many others who encourage organic gardening and other green ways of life, rather than bashing readers over the head, are far more productive than the green brownshirts out there.

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Yvonne, yes it is sad, just be prepared to defend your acreage, when they come looking for space to grow their veggies, because the big city where they live is not very fallow. Ha

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    It is a new cult complete with fear,guilt, and idols and rituals. They are continually looking for something that we have to 'change'.It is getting tired.
    I compost, for the benefits, recycle in a relaxed way,but I sure don't feel guilty about all the other details. Let's enjoy this beautiful Creation. We are not in control are we?

  4. Anonymous12:53 AM

    I got beaten to a pulp on this subject one time. I was trying to say there is a kind way to get your point across--but they think their way or the highway. I keep thinking they'll get old like me one day and see life is much smaller in some areas and bigger in others--they just may have switched it a bit for now. I heard the greatest thing this week on a blog---I know I need to give that person credit--hmmm---racking my brain to remember....OH yea, it was at the blog of My Garden Travels. She said---paraphrasing--when ask about pest control, she said it is better to do soil control. Well I just butchered what she said--but you get the point. She educated instead of lambashing.

  5. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Yeah...I tend to disregard angry people. Doesn't lead to productive conversations or sharing different perspectives...wether the discussion is politics, religion or the environment. I have always felt though, at the same time, that the earth does need its zealots, to make up for all the apathetic people.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    another word for those kind of people that comes to mind is smug! the holier-than-thou attitude is very annoying.


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