Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sure sign of spring: They're back....

Robins that is. I was walking through my favorite thicket over at the golf course across the road with my dog, and I heard dozens of birds. I made out the familiar call of the robins and another call I didn't recognize, and sure enough there was a gregarious flock made up of dozens of robins and cedar waxwings.

For me, the confirmation that spring has truly arrived is the return of my favorite red-winged blackbirds. Last year, they were here on March 12. Just three weeks to go!!!


  1. I've seen some Robins around Chatham, but not yet in my garden. We're stil waiting.

  2. Red-wings were spotted yesterday, March 8 in Watertown, NY Yvonne, along with Grackles and I heard a Killdeer there on the 7th!!! Yesterday we got hammered by snow, ice and rain...with a bolt of lightening mixed in. I hope the birds found shelter where ever they were!!!

  3. Hurrah! I can't wait to see them again. (Found your comment).



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