Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quick end-of-season drought note

The season's unprecendented drought, which I wrote about obsessively all summer - the driest it's been in almost 50 years in southern Ontario - never really broke.

The fall continued to be very dry, and we didn't get a decent rainfall until after US Thanksgiving (Nov. 22). Then - just before the cold weather arrived - we got more than two inches on two rainy days. This weekend, we're in for a winter storm with freezing rain. Not good!

And what's ahead? More cold: Environment Canada predicts that the weather this winter could be the coldest in nearly 15 years. It will be interesting to see how the trees survive the drought followed by serious cold.

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  1. Hi Yvonne,

    Always nice to run into another Ontarian.

    The lack of rainfall this past summer didn't make for a pretty picture. I planted some new shrubs early in the growing season hoping they would have an opportunity to become established. Now I'm hoping they'll make it through the winter. Their placement proved to be less than ideal - the larger and more mature trees in the same area seemed to suck up any available moisture before the new guys had a chance to get a drink. If they survive the winter, I'll be moving them to a different location in the spring. My fingers are crossed that next summer will be better.


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