Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love Song to February

Everybody up here hates February, so on this 28th and last day, let me outline 10 reasons why I've learned love this much maligned month:

1. the days are getting longer and brighter
2. snowshoeing (in bad Feb. there's no snow, this year we got plenty)
3. roaming the neighborhood golf course with the dogs
4. no bugs
5. no weeding
6. no mowing
7. caloric excesses of the holiday season worked off (see number 2)
8. cozy evenings by the fire (or, more often, the computer hearth)
9. it's not mud season (see number 3 – dogs stay clean)
10. we are now four weeks closer to spring!

We had lots of snow this month, so here's to February 2007, one of the most enjoyable in years – despite the cold, which even I complained about.

1 comment:

  1. February came and went. March arrived like a lion in the Quinte region. The lighter evenings are wonderful.


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