Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chill factor - to the bone

Predictably, the mild winter I wrote about in early January didn't last and we are now enduring daytime arctic cold with wind chill factors around minus 24 degrees C. For you Fahrenheit folks, that's minus 11 degrees.

Keeping warm when walking the dogs - now on snowshoes - means layering like crazy. I wear two pairs of socks, flannel-lined jeans under outdoor protective pants, a turtleneck with fleece sweater over top, my usual dog-walking winter coat, plus heavy mitts, face mask, hat and hood.

The dogs (my Toby, the white one, and his Buddy, who belongs to my neighbor) are happy, but I've shortened their outings, as they're dressed the same as always.

There's not a ton of snow, but with all the blowing what there is has drifted deep in many spots. The snowshoes make walking a lot easier. I'm a convert to Mountain Pro snowshoeswhich are really easy to use. You slip them on over your boots, fasten the clips and start walking.

It remains bitterly cold, about 10 degrees below normal, but is expected to warm up a bit by the weekend. That's good: the most worrisome scene I saw yesterday was half a dozen robins scrambling for food at the side of the road. What are they doing here already? Perhaps they were fooled by the mild January and never bothered leaving.


  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hello Yvonne - I enjoy your blog so much - I was compelled to comment by the two dogs in the snow - We also are having an unusual winter on the coast - we had about 14 storms and snow!! cheers from Van. Island, B.C.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I've heard about all the bad weather out west. No part of the country is being spared.

    Glad you liked the dogs: they are a real joy and each other's best friend, not to mention my best friends. They are both one of a kind: Toby is a husky/collie cross (a real snow dog) and Buddy is a sheperd/hound cross.

    Buddy just turned up at my neighbor's back door a couple of years ago - he had no ID and attempts to find his owner came to nothing - so our neighbors adopted him.

    I've been taking the pair for romps ever since. In the summer I pick Buddy up twice a day and we walk the tree farm behind our property. In the winter, Toby hops into the car and we go to Buddy's place, where there are two adjoining golf courses. It's dog heaven for sure!

    Cheers, Yvonne


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