Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ornamental grass clean-up in record time

Twilight of the grasses from last season

It was very cold yesterday, but dry, so the cutting down of our masses of ornamental grasses went ahead. I actually hired a landscaping company this year. It was wonderful: five young men swooped in with a truck and two gas-powered hedge trimmers.

After cutting down the grasses, they threw the material onto a tarp, and then loaded it onto their truck and drove it to their headquarters down the road, where it will naturally compost.

The splendid crew from Cedarsprings Landscaping

I think it was about five loads in a three-quarter ton truck. What an amazing amount of labor we avoided by doing it this way - and the job took just half a day! I guess this means that my husband and I have reached the age (50s and 60s) when it starts to became desirable to farm out the really hard jobs. Actually, the impetus for this solution was no longer having a pickup truck. (John got tired of driving it, and wanted a car again.)

I used to rely on his truck to move the grasses. (It's impractical to move that much dead plant material with wheelbarrows.) John would cut down the grasses, and with the assistance of two gals (both around my age), we would work on the clean-up for a couple of days, our arms would get all scratched up.

Now the gals and I can proceed with the finesse gardening when it gets nice. That's supposed to happen later this week.

The only downside of grasses: bare early spring,
but heck this is the country and we can live with it for a few weeks

© Yvonne Cunnington, Country Gardener

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  1. Sounds like a great strategy - as we gals get older!!
    The ornamental grasses look a little bare now, but very soon the new green growth will appear. I have a patch of ribbon grass (it is in a fairly contained spot on a burm) and the pretty pink/white/green shoots are appearing.


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