Sunday, March 11, 2007

Equipment for country gardeners

How's this for a garden accessory? Heck, every country gardener could use one of these. Maybe not all the time, but skid-steer loaders save a lot of back work when you're doing heavy garden construction jobs.

I took this picture at Canada Blooms, the big flower and garden show that finishes its five-day run in Toronto today. The show rarely features heavy equipment, so I have no idea why this machine was display.

My husband has rented skid-steers for a couple of jobs. Here he is on the machine a few years ago in the earlier stages of our garden making. The heavy equipment came in handy for moving the rocks, soil and gravel for creating his rock garden.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Elementary my dear gardener. The equipment was used as part of the show loading and unloading and part of the contract for providing the service was a "booth" at the show for publicity purposes by the equipment manufacturer. All in promotional values. :-)

    But it does make an excellent backyard statue. :-)


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